Thursday 17th Nov

9:00 -Keynote – Presentation Slides

A Curriculum for the 21st Century: Storytelling, Architecture, Technology & Experience – Professor Don Marinelli, Executive Producer of the Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

9.45 – Next Meeting Announcement

9.45 – Morning Tea

10.00 – Session 7

Session 7a: Designing for Sensitive Spaces and Domains Session 7b: Crowdsourcing
3 papers – 15 minutes each + 5 minutes questions

Andrew Monk, Paul Dunphy, Patrick Olivier, John Vines and Mark Blythe. New approaches to banking for the older old

Rachid Hourizi, Wendy Moncur and Tony WalterDigital Participation at the End of Life

Dave Kirk, Stuart Reeves and Abigail Durrant. Spomenik – Augmenting Memorials in the Wood

3 papers – 15 minutes each + 5 minutes questions

Thomas S Methven, Pawel M Orzechowski, Mike J Chantler, Sharon Baurley and Douglas Atkinson.A Comparison of Crowd-Sourcing vs. Traditional Techniques for Deriving Consumer Terms

Dominic Price, Chris Greenhalgh, Shakir Ali, James Goulding and Richard Mortier. A Framework for Crowd-Sourcing Personal Data

Laura Carletti. A grassroots initiative for digital preservation of ephemeral artefacts – the Ghostsigns project
Winner of Best Student Paper Competition

11.00 – Session 8

Session 8a: Open Data and Security Session 8b: Engaging Users Online
3 papers – 15 minutes each + 5 minutes questions

Andrew Garbett, Conor Linehan, Ben Kirman, Jamie Wardman and Shaun Lawson. Using social media to drive public engagement with open data

Edoardo Pignotti, David Corsar and Peter Edwards. PProvenance Principles for Open Data

Peter Grindrod. Successful Networks in Security and Defence

3 papers – 15 minutes each + 5 minutes questions

Stefano Padilla and Mike Chantler. – Engaging Online with Interactive Objects

Stefano Padilla, Fraser Halley and Mike Chantler. Improving Product Browsing whilst Engaging Users

Jane Binner. Digital Innovation with VoiceYourView – Contributions to Knowledge and Lessons Learned

12:15 – Lunch (30 minutes) and Workshops (90 minutes)

14:45 – Session 9

Session 9a: Connecting Communities Session 9b: Support Services for Assurance and Reassurance
3 papers – 15 minutes each + 5 minutes questions

Dave Kirk, Abigail Durrant and Stuart Reeves. Rwanda – Memorialisation in the Global Digital Economy

Claire Murphy, Robert Houghton and Alexa Spence. Embodiment and Psychological Distance

Holger Schnädelbach, Xu Sun, James Norris, Paula Duxbury, Richard Bailey and Dave Lloyd. Creativity Greenhouse – Communication Technologies in the Facilitation of Multi-disciplinary Research Ideas

3 papers – 15 minutes each + 5 minutes questions

James Goulding, Richard Mortier and Derek Mcauley. Privacy Preserving Personalization via Dataware

Ian Dent, Christian Wagner, Uwe Aickelin and Tom Rodden. Creating Personalised Energy Plans – From Groups to Individuals using Fuzzy C Means Clustering

Michael Heron, Vicki Hanson and Ian Ricketts. Accessibility Support with the ACCESS Framework

15.45 – Afternoon tea

16.00 – Session 10

Session 10a Quick Fire Session 10b Quick Fire
7 papers – 10 mins each + 10 mins at end for questions

Alexander V. Mantzaris and Desmond J. Higham. Understanding Dynamic Interactions

Daniel Fitton, Matthew Horton and Janet Read. Designing with Teens

Ann Light. Digital Motivation- from Inclusion to Engagement

Konstantinos Papangelis, Nagendra Velaga, Somayajulu Sripada, John Nelson, Peter Edwards and David Corsar. Exploiting Digital Technologies to Promote Sustainable Travel Behaviour in Rural Areas

Craig Fletcher, James Ritchie and Theo Lim. Virtual Machining and Knowledge Capture

James Colley, Ben Bedwell, Stefan Rennick Egglestone, Joel Fischer and Nadia Pantidi. Exploring energy monitoring in the wild

Rolf Black, David Sloan and Annalu Waller. Connected Computer Aided Communication

7 papers – 10 mins each + 10 mins at end for questions

Martin Flintham, Stuart Reeves and Abigail Durrant. Creating an Outside Broadcast of a Marathon

Sharon Baurley, Douglas Atkinson, Stefano Padilla and Mike Chantler. Synthesising design methodologies for the transmission of tactile qualities in digital media

Chris Baillie, Peter Edwards and Edoardo Pignotti. Evaluating Quality using Sensor Metadata and Provenance

John Harvey and David Golightly. Engagement with participatory GIS – the role of Intermediaries

Peggy Gregory, Karen Whittaker and Katie Taylor. Going Ape – Collaborative Technology for Families

Peter Edwards, David Corsar, John Nelson, Nagendra Velaga, Mark Beecroft, Jeff Pan and Somayajulu Sripada. Building an Information Ecosystem for Public Transport in Rural Areas

Jianhua Shao, George Kuk and Richard Mortier. Peripheral Innovation in the Social Media Ecology

17.20 Close