Tuesday 15th Nov

18:30 Evening welcome reception Newcastle University’s Culture Lab

18:45 Demos

Design in the Digital World Network. Submitted by Vicki Hanson, University of Dundee. Participating projects:

  • Tales of Things in the Real World (TOTem)
  • Digital Sensoria
  • Bespoke
  • Voice Your View

“How was School today…?” – A Mobile Phone Based Personal Narrative System for Children with Complex Communication Needs. Submitted by Rolf Black, University of Dundee.

Interaction of children with Autism with a Virtual Character (ECHOES). Submitted by Rachel Menzies, University of Dundee.

The Portrait System for Care Staff of People with Dementia. Submitted by Gemma Webster, School of Computing, University of Dundee.

CV-Decide – Cardiovascular Risk Decision Support Software for Patients and Clinicians. Submitted by John Colquhoun, Newcastle University.

Placebooks: Bridging the Rural Divide. Submitted by Mark Paxton, University of Nottingham.

Developing the Mirrorworld as a digital engagement and joint insight tool to support public sector planning, regeneration, and service transformation. Submitted by Ian Everall, University of Salford.

Heckling at ontologies: production vs. consumption in the creation of rich-media metadata. Submitted by Toby Harris, Queen Mary.

FITS: Flexible Integrated Transport Services for Rural Areas. Submitted by Nicolás Rotstein, University of Aberdeen.

GetThere – Crowdsourcing Rural Public Transport Information. Submitted by David Corsar University of Aberdeen.