Poster Session

A list of all posters can be found below:

Reducing Energy Consumption of Wireless Communications
Weisi Guo and Tim O’Farrell

The digital physical artefact- a case study for digital engagement in the creative industries
Stephen Hoskins and David Huson

ScARF and the Digital Economy: Growing a Digital Backbone
Megan Meredith-Lobay and Jeff Sanders

A questionnaire to gauge older adults’ interest in using mobile phones as memory aids
Kenny Morrison, Vicki Hanson and Andrea Szymkowiak

Goal-based design improves interaction dependability
Harold Thimbleby

‘A Good Death’ at Home: Situating Digital Technology
Angela Abbott and Ranald Richardson

New Business Models for the Digital Age
Stuart Dempster and Nancy Maron

The Electronic Big Society- A Blueprint for Engaged and Empowered Internet Civic Communities
John Darlington.

Digital Innovation – Investigating the Sustainability of New Kinds of Web
Ramine Tinati, Leslie Carr, Susan Halford and Catherine Pope.

Communal Energy Displays: Incentives and Sanctions to Reduce Energy Use
Caroline Leygue, Eamonn Ferguson, Anya Skatova, Alexa Spence, Ben Bedwell and Eryk Walczak.

A Wearable Active Sensing Device for Fire-fighters Using Tactile Displays
Tony Prescott, Mahmood Javed, Ben Mitchinson and Tom Stafford.

Bridging the Rural Divide- Ubiquitous Computing for the Rural Economy
Mark Paxton, Alan Chamberlain, Andrew Crabtree, Gary Priestnall, Stuart Reeves Reeves, Matt Jones, Mark Davies and Glen Hart.

Affective Knowledge Capture System for Computer-Aided Design Environment
Ying Liu, Raymond Sung, Theodore Lim and James Ritchie.

Engaging with Energy Displays
Alexa Spence, Caroline Leygue, Ben Bedwell and Claire O’Malley.

Digital Advanced Rural Testbed
Nimbe Ewald and Gorry Fairhurst.

Building Relationships with the Invisible in the Digital (Global) Economy – BRIDGE
Ashley Lloyd, Yvonne Barnard, Mike Bradley, Terence Sloan, Mario Antonioletti and Natasha Merat.

Augmenting Tactile Interaction with Pressure-Based Input
Graham Wilson, Stephen Brewster and Martin Halvey.

Using Grounded Theory to inform the Design of Energy Interventions for the Workplace
Derek Foster, Shaun Lawson, Joss Winn, Howard Noble and Dave White.

Exploring novel technologies for archaeological fieldwork
Tom Frankland.

Truthfulness and Reliability in Collaborative Image Annotation
Yi Hong, Stephan Reiff-Marganiec, Katharina Rebay-Salisbury and Lin Foxhall.

Guiding the Representation of n-ary Relations in Ontologies through Aggregation, Generalization and Participation
Paula Severi, Jose Fiadeiro and David Ekserdjian.

All Together Now: A Participatory Approach to Designing an Online Business Networking Tool
Leanne Townsend, Nicolas D. Rotstein, Alice Toniolo, Chris Burnett, Timothy J. Norman and Claire Wallace.

Proposed Improvements by Analysis of Older Adults’ use of Social Networking Sites
Chris Norval, John Arnott and Vicki Hanson

Understanding Older Adults Search Habits – A Pilot Study
Michael Crabb, Vicki Hanson and Andy Cobley.

Understanding Serendipity to Inform Novel Processes, Methods and Technologies for the Researcher
Mel Woods, Sarah Sharples, Xu Sun, Ruth Aylett, Robert Stewart, Diana Bental, Stephann Makri, Ann Blandford, Jamie Forth, Geraint Wiggins, Scott Piao and Jon Whittle.

Creative Uses of ICT in Connected Communities- A Scoping Study
Lalya Gaye, Joëlle Bitton, Andreia Cavaco, Ben Jones, Atau Tanaka, Graeme Mearns and Ranald Richardson.

Digital City Exchange- A New Digital Economy Programme
D Gann.

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